4 Cold Weather Tips For Taking Care Of Your Well Pump System

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If you have a new well on your property, make sure that you follow these four tips to ensure that your well pump system makes it through the winter without an incidents. 

#1 Protect Your Pump With A Pump House

The most basic way you can protect your well pump system is by ensuring that it is covered with a pump house. If you do not have a pump house around your well, contact a local contractor and see about having one installed this week. It should only take a skilled contractor a few hours to create and install a pump house. 

A pump house is basically like a dog house for your pump. It does not have to be incredibly fancy, it just needs to protect your well pump from the elements and provide it with some level of insulation. It goes around your pump and helps it weather the winter a lot easier. 

#2 Make Sure Your Pump House Is Ready For The Winter

If you already have a pump house, you need to make sure that it is ready for the winter. Make sure that the door closes securely and that there is not space where air can get in. If there is space around your door, purchase weatherstripping to go around your door.

Next, set up a source of heat. When it gets below freezing outside, the water inside of your well could freeze, which can break your pipes and pumps and cause a lot of damage. Keep everything warm with a heat lamp, space heater, or thermal plug. 

#3 Protect Your Pipes & Pumps With Insulation

If your exposed pipes that connect to your pump are not insulated, purchase foam insulation covers at your local hardware store. These covers will just slip over your pipes and will fit snugly against them. Once you have these covers in place, wrap your pipes with heat tape.

You should also wrap the rest of your pump head and tanks that you cannot wrap insulation around with heat tape. Heat tape is flexible and can go work around just about any surface. 

All exposed pipes, tanks and your well head should be wrapped in heat tape. 

#4 Keep Your Water Running

Finally, on days where it is freezing, always keep a couple of faucets in your house running at a slow drip. This will keep your well working and will keep the water moving, which should prevent your well pump from freezing. You can put a bucket or jug under your faucets to catch the drips. You can use the water for watering your plants, cleaning or drinking so it doesn't go to waste. 

If you implement all four cold weather tips above, your well pump system should be protected from the cold and should make it through the cold season without needing any weather related repairs. Talk with a professional, like David Cannon Well Drilling, for more repair tips and winterizing tips.


14 January 2016

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