Tips To Keep Your Air Compressor From Experiencing Problems

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Your air compressor may be an essential tool for both hobbies and professional tasks. Unfortunately, a lack of knowledge about air compressors may result in them being more susceptible to potentially damaging mechanical failures. Luckily, you will be able to avoid these potential hazards by using a few basic preventative care tips.

Check The Color Of The Water in The Condensation Pan

The condensation for the air compressor is important for preventing the interior of the system from suffering water damage. Unfortunately, many individuals will not check the condition of the water before emptying this pan. If you notice that the water is foggy, this could indicate that the air compressor is suffering from an oil leak. When this problem is present, you will want to stop using the air compressor until the oil leak can be repaired. Often, this leak will result from a faulty seal allowing oil to leak out, and if you continue using the air compressor, you could cause extensive damage.

Thoroughly Clean The Vents On the Air Compressor's Sides

Your air compressor will have an assortment of vents along the sides of the unit. These vents are necessary so that the system can draw enough air to function efficiently, and if they become clogged, the system will be unable to get enough air. Eventually, this could cause the compressor to become damaged, and it may greatly reduce the efficiency of the compressor. Protecting your air compressor against this type of damage will require you to clean the exterior prior to using the compressor.

Stop Using The Compressor If It Suddenly Starts To Vibrate

While you are using the air compressor, you may notice that it suddenly starts to vibrate more than it normally does. These vibrations can be from a range of problems, and a faulty belt can be among the more common causes. This problem can occur due to the belt either becoming excessively worn or coming out of alignment. If you continue to use the air compressor, you might find that the system experiences a catastrophic failure. When this belt snaps or completely comes loose, it can strike the internal components of the air compressor with tremendous force. This can cause extensive damages to the interior of the compressor, which can be very expensive or impossible to repair. Therefore, you should immediately stop using the compressor if you notice that it has suddenly started to vibrate more violently.

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28 November 2016

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