Three Ways You Can Use Repeat Customers To Grow Your Metal Fabrication Business

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Any metal fabrication company knows the value of repeat customers. Traditionally, it is cheaper to get existing customers to purchase your product again than it is to draw in new customers. Check out some of the ways you can expand your business by effectively utilizing repeat customers.

1. Offer a Discount to Repeat Customers Willing to Advertise Your Services

If your metal fabrication company produces an item that goes on display, such as exterior ornamental steel railings, you can offer repeat customers a discount in exchange for advertising your company. Assuming that the customer was happy with their initial purchase from your company, offering a discount on their next purchase makes the customer even more likely to utilize your services.

One simple method of advertising is to have customers place a sign that advertises your company in front of your product. Make sure to include your contact information on the sign, preferably in the form of a business card. When new customers stop to admire your work, they can easily get your contact information from the sign.

2. Introduce New Products that Meet Their Needs

Talk with your customers to see what products they are interested in buying from you in the future. For example, if your company fabricates steel railings, maybe it is time to introduce steel gates.

One way to get customer feedback concerning interest in new products is to post a poll on your company's social media page. Customers can quickly weigh in with products that they would like your company to offer. Another option is to send a newsletter to repeat customers asking for their feedback concerning possible future product offerings.

To encourage customers to give their opinions, you could offer a small discount or free add-on product to customers who take the time to give their thoughts.

3. Make Customer Service a Priority

Not only is a happy customer likely to conduct business with your company in the future, but it is also probable that the customer will tell others about a positive experience with your company (the same rings true for negative experiences). Word of mouth is a cheap way to market your company to new clients. 

Another benefit of ensuring your company maintains a high level of customer service is that existing customers are likely to defend your company when someone makes derogatory remarks concerning a transaction with your company. This is an extremely important benefit for companies that utilize social media to market their services. Happy customers are likely to speak up and offer their positive experiences when someone posts negative information to your company's social media pages.

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9 December 2016

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