How to Choose a Local Fabrication Company for Your Project

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Yes, it's beneficial for all to go with a local fabricator, but you still have to make sure the shop is a professional. You need a fabrication company that can handle the job in a way that's efficient and adheres to your standards. To that end, here are a few ways to evaluate your local fabricators.

Look for industry experience – Many fabrication companies specialize in certain industries. A fabrication shop with a long history of aerospace contracts sounds great. But, what if you need custom steel beams for a construction project? You would want a fabrication company with a history of producing for construction.

A fabrication company with a narrow expertise will likely know how to produce pieces for you far more efficiently, and within your specified tolerances. That isn't to say another fabricator couldn't do it. But, you want a company that already knows the ins and outs of what you need. They can even help you improve on your design sometimes.

Ask what equipment the shop uses – The type of equipment the shop makes use of can determine the speed of your project. Many fabrication companies these days make heavy use of laser technology. Some older shops may still make use of older machining technology.

Typically, the more automation employed at the shop, the faster you will receive your order. However, you may have an extremely complex project that requires older machining methods and human hands.

Know where the shop procures raw materials – Not all raw materials are the same, especially when it comes to metals. In addition, if you want your fabricator to use local sources for their materials, make sure you bring it up.

You may have a conflict of interest if you find that your potential fabricator purchases materials from a source you don't agree with. This isn't something everyone will care about, but if you do, then make it a part of your criteria for choosing a fabrication company.

How much work can the fabricator handle – Depending on the nature of your job, you may need a smaller or larger fabrication company. You don't need a larger company just because it's a larger company. In fact, if you have a smaller job, then a larger company may take longer to produce it since they have larger contracts of more importance.

A smaller fabricator can give your job priority. Some shops balance both. They may commit the automation equipment to larger jobs, while keeping a dedicated line going to produce smaller runs. Click here for more info on fabrication.


14 December 2016

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