Myths About Water Wells Refuted

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Meeting the water supply needs of your home can be challenging when you will be building a custom home in an isolated area. These rural settings may lack local sewer and water systems. For homes in areas lacking these services, having a water well drilled by a company like Rippe Well Service INC can be an extremely effective option, but there are myths that may need to be refuted.

Myth: A Water Well Can be Drilled Anywhere

There are some people that will make the assumption that a water well can be drilled anywhere. While it is true that underground water sources can be relatively common, there are areas where this is not practical. For example, those that live near mountains may have to drill prohibitively deep or through extremely hard rocks to reach the water source. When an underground water source is not available, having water delivered to the house may be the only option for providing the structure with water.

Myth: It Will Be Easy To Fall Into A Well

Many people assume that wells will be fairly easy for a person to fall into. However, this is a hazard that well designers have largely addressed. A modern well system has a locked cap over it that will prevent individuals from being able to unknowingly fall into it. In order for this to be a possibility, they would have to pry off the cover, and this would be extremely difficult without the key to it.

Eventually, a well will go dry or no longer be needed. When this situation arises, modern wells are designed so that they can be easily collapsed. When you collapse an unneeded well, you completely eliminate the risk of someone falling in it, and you will also help to minimize erosion. A small indention may remain where the well was located, but many well contractors are able to fill in these spots when they have finished as a convenience for their clients.

Myth: Water Well Systems Do Not Need To Be Winterized

When the cold temperatures of winter arrive, your water well system can be subjected to intense colds for prolonged periods of times. This may result in water freezing in the pump and pipes of the system. Winterizing your water well system involves applying thick insulation to the exterior, and if you are in a particularly extreme environment, you may need to add heating elements to the pipes running from the pump to your home or else they may freeze and rupture.


16 December 2016

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