Tips For Waterproofing A Warehouse

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Are you about to open a warehouse in a region that receives rain on a regular basis? Rainwater can cause a lot of damage to a building if it sits on the soil all of the time. You can end up having to invest in frequent repairs on the interior and exterior of your warehouse if you don't invest in waterproofing for it. This article covers a few of the industrial waterproofing services that should be considered for your warehouse.

Make Sure the Foundation Is Protected

The most important aspect of waterproofing any type of building structure is to make sure the foundation is protected. You can end up losing your entire building if the foundation falls into bad shape. For example, rainwater can mix with the soil and press against the foundation. The foundation can then begin to shift, which can eventually lead to the walls in your warehouse collapsing. A contractor can make sure that your lawn is properly sloped and that rain gutters are in place to prevent rainwater from accumulating near the foundation.

Get a Sump Pump for the Basement

If there is a basement in your warehouse, you can't go wrong with investing in a sump pump. The pump is useful for preventing water from sitting in your basement for a long time. For instance, if rainwater makes it inside of your basement for some reason, the pump will send it to the exterior of the building. Keep in mind that even busted plumbing pipes can lead to a basement flooding, so it is good to be prepared in the event that it happens.

Ensure That No Cracks Are in the Walls

Waterproofing your building should involve getting cracks in the walls sealed up. Even the small cracks can become a problem if rainwater seeps through them on a regular basis. Small amounts of water can accumulate inside of the wall cavities and eventually lead to mold forming in your warehouse. A contractor can walk around to locate and seal up all of the cracks on your behalf.

Get the Exterior of Your Building Coated

There are protective coating products that can be placed on the exterior of a building for protection against rainwater. If you get your building coated, rainwater will not be able to easily penetrate through the walls. The coating is also a great way to prevent mold from developing on the exterior and interior of the building.


18 January 2017

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