3 Things to Look for when You Are Choosing a Fence and Gate

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Keeping your home and family safe is important. There are a variety of strategies to help do so. One is to make sure that you have a sturdy fence and a good gate on your property. Someone once said, "good fences make good neighbors"; well, good fences and a strong gate will also make your family safer. So what are some things you should look for?

Function over Form

As much as you may have the urge to get a pretty fence and gate when you are fence shopping, that's not necessarily the most important consideration. What you want is something that's going to be nice and strong and one that is going to last for a long time. There are fences that can meet both function and form. Just make sure that you aren't dazzled by the pretty, shiny things. 

Strong Gate Area

Any open spot on the fence is going to be a weak spot. That means that you want to make sure that that particular area is going to be as strong as possible. So, what are some ways to keep your gate and gate area safe and secure? Look for reinforced pillars and posts that can go around where your gate is going to attach. These posts can be installed deeper than the regular fence posts and can be anchored with more cement to make sure that they are going to be solidly in the ground. You can also look for thicker posts. 

Gate Features

One thing that you should look at is which features each gate you are considering has. For example, you may want to check to see what kind of hinges the gate has. You may be able to work with the fencing company to find the right accessory pack that will let you change out the hinges on the gate for something that's going to be stronger and heavier than what came originally with the gate. You are also going to want to look at the type of latch the gate has. There's no point in making sure that your fence and gate are sturdy if the latch is a simple lift latch that anyone can get into. 

If you are looking for ways to keep y our family safe, a good fence with a strong gate can do that. 

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21 March 2018

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