Why You Should Always Ship Packages Using Fabricated Foam

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As quiet as it's kept, a good portion of the losses that any shipping company has to absorb occur during the shipping process. The products may have been manufactured with the most meticulous care, but if damage occurs during the transit journey, all of that hard work could have been in vain. If you are tired of watching your profits go sliding down the drain due to the refunds you have to give as a result of the shipping process, keep reading, and it'll start to become clear to you why you custom foam packaging is the best solution.

Foam Packaging Is Cut To Order

Customization stands out in nearly any category you put it in. One-size-fits-all might work for t-shirts, but it's definitely not a system you want to rely on for your shipping needs. Foam packaging is cut to order so it hugs and secures the items that are in the box like nothing else.

Just think about some of the ways that foam is used. A great example would be a foam mattress. Sleeping on a top-of-the-line foam mattress can almost be the equivalent of laying on a cloud. The foam adjusts to the body of the person who happens to be laying on it. The foam bounces back as the individual tosses and turns throughout the night, serving as a soft but firm resting place that makes sleep seem so heavenly.

This is what you can look forward to when you start using custom foam packaging. As the box is bounced around on a truck or jostled through the air by plane, the foam is right there to cushion every blow. The foam protects the product so that the package ends up in the hands of the customer in one piece.

Foam Packaging Won't Scrape Or Scratch The Product

You also have to think about what can happen if the very packaging that you use is the culprit behind any damages. Some packaging materials are so abrasive that they actually scrape up against the products as they move. You won't have this problem if you use custom foam. Just line the inside of the foam with an inexpensive layer of plastic and you have a very smooth surface on your hands.

Custom foam can be made to the exact specifications that you need. Partner up with a foam fabricator like Package Design Global and let them help you fulfill your packaging requests.


30 July 2018

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