3 Tips For Installing Copper Water Tubes In An Industrial Environment

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Copper tubes are ideal for industrial use because of their durability. Installing water tubes to help make your equipment run isn't as simple as just buying the first copper tubes that you find, though. You'll want to think about a few precautions and steps throughout the installation process if you want the water tubes to be reliable for daily use over an extended period of time.

1. Treat the Water

Since your copper water tubes are going to be coming in contact with water, you're going to need to consider how that water can impact the tubes. There are often minerals and chemicals in water, and some of these things can interact with the copper that was used to make the water tubes, causing problems. Even if there isn't a reaction between the metal and the ingredients in the water, minerals can cause clogs. Treating all of the water that will be used with your copper water tubes will help you prevent these problems from ever occurring.

2. Choose Thicker-Grade Tubes for Extreme Temperatures

When working with water, there's a chance that high temperatures are involved. If the water that is going to be sent through your copper water tubes is going to be at boiling temperatures or close to them, you're going to need thicker-grade copper water tubes. This helps with both making sure the tubes can withstand the high temperatures and can help prevent them from being quite so hot to the touch, thus cutting down on the risk of someone getting hurt.

3. Check If It's Suitable for Local Building Codes

Building codes in many jurisdictions are quite strict, whether a person is building or making improvements to their own home or to a large industrial facility like yours. Some things that you wouldn't even think would necessarily be inspected include metal water tubes. If the copper water tubes that you choose aren't up to the standards that are required in your area, then you may have to remove them and replace them with tubes that are up to code. If you don't do this, you could risk a fine. Many companies that sell copper water tubes to the general public make sure that their copper tubes and wires are up to code for all 50 states, but there may be local codes that are even stricter than what your state law requires, so this is something you'll want to learn more about before you invest in copper tubes and have them installed. The local building inspector who is in charge of industrial inspections should be able to assist you with this.


4 September 2018

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