HDPE Tubing: Reimagining Your Restaurant's Food Storage And Packaging

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If your restaurant is looking to cut costs, improve safety, and reduce food waste, HDPE tubing products can help you accomplish your goals. From improved food storage to more eco-friendly packaging, here are some of the ways that HDPE tubing products work wonders for restaurants and commercial kitchens.

Storing and Safety

HDPE tubing products are constructed from food-grade plastic. You can use these plastics to keep your food fresher longer and reduce the risks of cross-contamination.

Stealthy Storage: Food and other perishable items can spoil when exposed to oxygen and/or irregular temperatures. HDPE tubing products can be used to keep your food storage airtight, while reducing temperature fluctuations. One of the easiest ways HDPE tubing can be used for storage in restaurants is by creating custom containers that fit both your products and cold storage spaces. For instance, if your restaurant or commercial kitchen has a cold prep table, you can work with an HDPE tubing provider to create modelings for your ingredient dividers. These dividers are easy to seal and can be manufactured to fit any space. You can also use HDPE tubing to plumb cleaning solutions, oils, and other fluid products exactly where you need them in your kitchen.

Safety: Different types of plastics are need to keep different types of foods safe. For instance, fresh fruits can rapidly deteriorate and breed bacteria if sealed in airtight containers. You can work with an HDPE tubing provider to create food-safe storage solutions for every perishable ingredient in your kitchen. In addition to making the containers, the best HDPE tubing providers can help train your employees on how to minimize food safety issues in your kitchen. Many kitchens find that color-coded lids create a visual cue that employees can use when storing and packing ingredients.

Packing and Packaging

The COVID-19 pandemic has challenged restaurants and commercial kitchens to re-imagine how food is packed and packaged.   

Securely Packed: As more and more customers choose third-party food delivery services, food security has gained new importance. An HDPE tubing provider can help you pack food with more safety and security. From locking lids to custom food security seals, an HDPE tubing provider can help you pack your food more securely for customers ordering takeout.

Branded Packaging: When customers consume your products at home, branding can be important for advertising and customer loyalty. An HDPE tubing provider can help you design packaging with branding in mind.

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26 February 2021

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