Protocols To Observe When Using Hex Head Bolts With Wood Materials

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Hex head bolts are often used to secure wood materials to other wood materials. They offer a lot of strength and are easy to grip thanks to their multiple contact points around the head. If you plan on using them in a wood project, observe a couple of protocols.

Carefully Pre-Drill Your Holes 

Since hex head bolts don't have a sharp end like hex head screws do, you'll have to pre-drill all of your holes if you want to secure this fastener type into wood materials. It's important that you perform this pre-drilling carefully as to have an easier time getting these bolts to go inside.

You need to first assess your hex head bolt's characteristics, taking into account their diameter measurements and the type of threaded design they have. Then you can use the appropriate equipment for pre-drilling and have a lot more success.

Find High-Quality Nuts

In order to keep hex head bolts secure in wood materials, you'll have to place nuts on the end of them. Deciding to go with a high-quality variety may help you feel confident that these fasteners will stay intact after they're placed in wood.

After making sure you get nuts that are completely compatible with your hex head bolts, make sure they're made out of durable materials. For instance, steel would give you a lot to work with from a durability standpoint and thus help you get more out of hex head bolts.

Secure the Head Down When Tightening

When you're finally ready to place hex head bolts into wood materials, make sure you have a way to hold the head down when securing nuts to them because this fastener will more than likely spin if you don't. Choosing to skip this step can make it very hard to secure the bolt as tight as possible.

Probably one of the easiest things you can do is to simply get a well-supporting wrench and position it over the head. That's going to keep the hex head bolt from moving while you tighten the nut up to the appropriate length of the body, keeping the bolt in place.

If you're planning to combine wood materials together using hex head bolts, it's a good idea to review some usage protocols before getting started. They'll help pinpoint things to watch out for and ways you can have success with this type of fastener, regardless of how it's being used with wood.


4 February 2022

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