3 Excellent Reasons To Purchase A Used Forklift Battery

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If you have a forklift that is in need of a battery, you may want to consider looking into getting a used battery. There are several great reasons why purchasing a used forklift battery can be an excellent idea for you and this article will discuss 3 of these reasons. They Are Much More Affordable  Perhaps one of the most common reasons why people choose to purchase a used forklift battery is price.

6 December 2016

Tips To Keep Your Air Compressor From Experiencing Problems

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Your air compressor may be an essential tool for both hobbies and professional tasks. Unfortunately, a lack of knowledge about air compressors may result in them being more susceptible to potentially damaging mechanical failures. Luckily, you will be able to avoid these potential hazards by using a few basic preventative care tips. Check The Color Of The Water in The Condensation Pan The condensation for the air compressor is important for preventing the interior of the system from suffering water damage.

28 November 2016

What To Do When Someone's Dumping Trash In Your Recycling Containers

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Illegal dumping of trash and construction debris is annoying enough when the items are placed in a trash container, but it's even more annoying when things that are clearly trash are lobbed into a recycling container. Not only does that take up room, but it ruins the batch of recycling unless someone comes by and separates it all again. If you have large recycling containers (dumpster-style) it can be even worse as the dumped materials can contain mattresses and even old appliances.

19 October 2016

4 Cold Weather Tips For Taking Care Of Your Well Pump System

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If you have a new well on your property, make sure that you follow these four tips to ensure that your well pump system makes it through the winter without an incidents.  #1 Protect Your Pump With A Pump House The most basic way you can protect your well pump system is by ensuring that it is covered with a pump house. If you do not have a pump house around your well, contact a local contractor and see about having one installed this week.

14 January 2016

Looking For A Truck Driving Job? Check Out The Bakken

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Are you a truck driver looking for a job? You might want to consider heading to the Bakken oilfields where truck drivers are wanted and the pay is good.  What is the Bakken? The Bakken Shale formation is located in western North Dakota and eastern Montana. Thanks to modern drilling techniques such as hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling, oil is being pulled from underneath the ground in unprecedented numbers. Even though the price of oil has recently dropped, there is still a substantial amount of oil being produced in the Bakken.

15 January 2015